Thursday, April 23, 2009

Highlights, lowlights.

Tomorrow is the last day of school holidays. It's been a lovely couple of weeks, I must say. The perfect antedote a term that was too busy, and too sad.
Lowlights of the holidays: Two skinned knees, a grazed hand, and a standoff over the eating (or rather, not eating) of carrots. The 5-year-old threw a terrible tantie. His mother threw a worse one. Oh dear.
Highlights: We spent a good couple of days looking for things for this scavenger hunt...

We had a lot of fun designing and baking a new cake together...I now bring you...a vanilla boysenberry chocolate cinnamon cake!

Actually it was quite nice. In spite of the fact that the cake flavour was their idea, they would not eat a single bite. Sigh...
Still, they ate plenty of the mixture. Check out the almost-clean pot.

And another highlight today, seeing a lovely friend, who brought us little yellow daisies.

Have you had any holiday highlights? I'm all ears.
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  1. For me it's the unrivalled bliss of not having to be out the door by 8:30 to get to Playcentre on time. Anyone else still wearing pajamas at lunchtime, or am I a total sloth?


  2. Yeah the no rushing out the door to pc/school was great. we had a craft day yesterday which was lots of fun and have spent most of this week catching up with friends , nice!

    Intrigued by the cake! Sounds, interesting (and yum!)

  3. My favorite meal is breakfast, so I don't like it rushed. When my kids were on spring break, I made chocolate chip pancakes, blueberry scones, belgian waffles, scrambled eggs and toast slathered with cream cheese and jelly, and bacon, bacon and more bacon.

    My husband took two days off too. He wrote an Easter play of which our kids and the pet bunny were the main characters. They had a lot of fun rehearsing, but when it came time to perform, our eldest got stage fright! It never made it on stage... sigh. Nevertheless, my husband was NOT disappointed. His whole purpose was to spend time with his kids.

    The lowlight? I quickly found out that my baby is a very light sleeper. With all kids home, the house was noisy, so she never napped longer than ten minutes. The cat naps drove me nearly insane.

  4. We haven't had holidays, but had a day at home together with cough/colds yesterday. Long shower, slow breakfast, playing cars, reading stories, riding the trike, a bit of rowdiness when we both felt better later in the day ... mucking around together, no particular jobs to do or places to be, it was just lovely

  5. Well, maybe I won't throw that tantie that I was going to throw this morning, as your post has made me so happy. Happy, happy, happy!

    Tanties sound much cuter than tantrums, though I'm sure they are not cute.

  6. It's true. Tantie is such a cute little word. We call them "running fits" at our house. Mine have never been ones to fall out, they scream and run. Very much like one is on fire and the other is the firetruck, siren blaring. Oh I just LOVE times like that. WE've already had holiday but we will be out for summer break the end of May. I. Can't. Wait.

  7. Yum! Your cake looks moist and delicious. What a lovely combination of flavors!