Tuesday, April 14, 2009

At Totaranui

Oh hi! We are back from our Easter holiday, full of chocolate and good times.
We went to Totaranui. It's got golden sandy beaches, lots of forests, and a wee crib that we hire from time to time. The crib has a huge lemon tree, which has lemons so tasty that my children will sit down and eat them like lollies. See?

The lemons are so good I bought some back with me, so that I can make something delicious out of them some time this holidays. Lemon cordial, lemon honey, lemon marmalade, or a bowl full of mouldy lemons because I never got around to doing anything? So many decisions.

And since it's holidays time, we also dug out some old games. This one, which I found at the junk shop, is called Dogs and Sausages. How delightfully quirky is that? I got four of these games in one delicious shopping trip- all of them use this coloured dice, so that the children don't even have to be old enough to count. Cool hey?

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  1. wow I can't believe Harry is eating those lemons as is! must be all that golden bay sunshine!

  2. heeeeeeeeeeeehehehe at the mouldy lemons. I'm quite a fan of those myself... or at least that's what past experience would have you think.

    Looks fab. Joining me in my post-holiday blues then?

  3. It sounds like you had fun. I'm suffering from mouldy tomatoes myself at the moment.

    Hey, it looks like we have the same yellow formica table. Cool

  4. Love Totaranui, what a great spot for an Easter get away. Dont you think lemons from a tree taste so much nicer than lemons from the supermarket lol. Lemon meringue pie...hmmmmm

  5. Ditto on the moldy lemons.

    Lemon cake? Lemon bars? Pasta sprinkled with freshly grated parmesan, crisp asparagus and lemon juice? All yummy...

    Your kids are so cute!

  6. I just chucked some moldy tomatoes into the compost this morning - they were waiting for me to save the seed for next year. Oh well.

    Sounds like a fab place for an Easter holiday.

    Mmm, lemon marmalade. My favourite, second only to lime marmalade. Scrumptious

  7. That photo of the lemons in your bowl, with leaves? SO gorgeous. Ah, eating lemons off of the trees sounds wonderful. Are they sweeter?

    My favorite is to make lemon curd and with the leftover whites, make coconut macaroons. Love lemon curd on everything.


  8. So, you're not going to make lemon mould perserves? Why? That's funny, every year we get a lot of Florida oranges from the relatives and we go back and forth each year between making jars and jars of marmelade or chucking moldy oranges out and feeling hideous guilt over the whole thing.

    That game is so neat, I can barely stand it and I love the lemons as lollies photo!

  9. We had that game growing up! Can't remember all the rules for the dog game, but the castle game was the best! All your lemony creations look yum- I pilfer a tree given half the chance!