Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Dressing Gown

Sigh...they just don't make pattern covers like this anymore, do they. My personal favourite is the moustachioed ginge in the foreground there. Now that's what I call loungewear.

While I may have bought the above pattern solely for "silly greeting card" material, the one below was bought expressly to be sewed. I needed a summer dressing gown that I wouldn't be ashamed of, after a nasty "being-spotted-at-the-letterbox-in-my-hideous-old-dressing-gown" incident. What's worse, it was a very beautiful family from school who were all on a Sunday jog who spotted me. The shame, the shame!

And here's the dressing gown I made. Loud blue paisley which, apparently, brings out my eyes. At least it would, if I hadn't have just been beheaded.

I believe that the correct procedure for a sewing blog is to add more photos showing how neat my seams and stitching are. Well, ha! I'm not going to! They're okay, but I'm no Mary Anna. Suffice to say that when Mary Anna saw this robe in person she said, somewhat incredulously, "Hey, this isn't bad!" That'll do me. Incidentally, this is my first ever contribution to Pattern Review, have a wee look!
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  1. Hey, I think that's John Tesh standing between those two ladies! I wonder if he had a song for them.

    Now, that's nice. We've have a cotton robe my brother-in-law brought back from Turkey. It's huge and the whole family could weather a storm under it. But boy, oh boy, it's bulky.

  2. The guy in the white robe is REALLY airing out his junk, isn't he? It makes me a bit uncomfortable looking at him.

    I'm impressed with your blue robe. And no one should be looking at your seams; it's impolite.

  3. If Mary Anna said that to me I would kiss the Gods! Big compliment. Why are the models all so tall and elongated like anime characters?

  4. Can you give me a phonetic pronunciation of "ginge?" And details about the definition, please? It sounds wonderfully descriptive!

    I think your dressing gown is gorgeous. Something to wear to the mailbox and hope that those perky exercising friends just DO happen by.

    My old robe was flannel with a lovely floral print, retired now, after I couldn't quite live with the brown-ish stains of blood (faded, through washings) that lingered on my shoulder from someone's lip-biting incident and the therapeutic cuddle that ensued. I saved it for the expanses of UNstained fabric that remained!


  5. "Airing his junk"?! You americans are simply delightful. And you think NZers have quaint expressions!

    Now, "Ginge" is a term used to describe those with red hair. It rhymes with "fringe". Another word for redheads is "ginger", only pronounced to rhyme with "finger".

    When I was at school one of the teachers called a redhead in my class "Carrot top". She replied "Carrot tops are green, dickhead."

    It's not only NZers who tease redheads is it? Surely this is a universal cultural practice.

  6. well Miss Smith, I hope you enjoyed your first pattern review.

    Are you addicted yet?

  7. You guys crack me up xx lovely dressing gown by the way, you have me all inspired to make my own.