Monday, March 30, 2009

Into the hills

Lucky me, in the weekend I went tramping (a.k.a. hiking for all you american readers out there) in the hills around Nelson. Have you ever wondered what the Nelson region looks like from Mt Arthur? Well here's a photo so you know. It's got mountains either side, and a big warm bay in the middle. Virry nice.

As well as the four friends I went tramping with, I caught up with some other old friends, some native alpine plants. You know I like plants, right? Now you have to suffer through some photos of them.

This little daisy had just finished flowering. "The end of a love, or a season"

This plant is rather charmingly known as "Vegetable sheep". It grows all over the rocks, and from a distance it looks white and woolly like a sheep.

This is a Hebe of some sort (feel free to add species names in the comments section, if you know them). They really are as lime green and sweet and orderly as they look. I love hebes, they're so symmetrical and perky.
What are your favourite native plants? Native to where ever you are, I mean, I'm not fussy.

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  1. Oh wow, those sheep ones make me very happy. They are like another version of pussy willows, at least they make me feel happy in a similar type of way in terms of general fuzziness. Anyway, I've never seen plants like any of those. Very interesting!

  2. wow Jen your photos are stunning .. really beautiful. Watch out Iris you have competition!

  3. Beautiful photos!

    I like cherry trees. I love reading a book under a cherry tree when in full bloom. Lovely pink.

  4. Mine has to be the kaka beak. We had two in the garden at our old house (grown from clippings from my parents' garden) and yesterday I suddenly realised that we have no kaka beaks in our new garden and felt quite sad!

  5. Ha! Very funny, Mary Anna! And thank you for the compliment.

    The Vegetable Sheep?!?! Crazy! It really IS a different world down there---to echo Mary Anna from some comment she left me awhile back. I love seeing the way Nelson looks, those hills are gorgeous. Is the Vegetable Sheep soft? What is the texture like? It makes me think of barnacles on rocks.

    Hmmm, my favorite native plant might have to be Maine blueberries, tiny and delicious. Perfectly placed and growing wild on some of our favorite tramping spots, just the right snack while on a tramp! We usually order about 40 lbs. that come to us clean and organic for like $1 a pound, which is a steal. In winter and fall, the bushes stay a nice deep red/burgundy/purple.


  6. My guess would be Hebe masoniae, if those really are ciliate leaf margins. Otherwise H. odora. The best way to tell is to look at the sinus of the leaf pairs in bud. H. masoniae has a 'broad shield shaped' sinus whereas in H. odora its heart-shaped. If you go a bit further west (eg Wakamarama Ra) you might find H. mooreae, now wouldn't that be funny!

  7. I'm quite partial to a nice Miro, myself. Or maybe those cool divaricating ones....can't remember what they're called though.

    Lovely piccies :-)


  8. Dear Miss Smith - I may be a lazy visitor to your blog in that I visit most days but leave no message but I did want to say how much I love stopping by. I do enjoy my visits.