Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happiness is a repaired object

I love when I stumble accross repaired objects in junk shops. It makes me think about the life that object had before. There's something very sweet about the fact that someone took the trouble to mend it when it broke. Perhaps this size 4 knitting needle was the only one that someone had, and the end came off as they were knitting and all their stitches fell off the other end, causing them to swear like a sailor? Perhaps?

What's that crazy fabric underneath those knitting needles? Oh I'm glad you asked. At the moment it's an old lady's skirt, tidy pleats etc. etc., but soon it will be a new robot.

This tablecloth is another example of a lovingly repaired item. It has some real whopper holes in it, but someone has gone to the trouble to turn the edges under and sew on a piece of white sheeting. I'm serious, they are big holes, but someone loved this enough to want to keep on using it. I can see why- don't you love the design woven into it?

I bought this tablecloth because it has a large, undamaged piece in the middle that I am intending to recycle into pillowcases. But the more I think about how much time and energy someone put into it to repair it, the worse I feel about cutting it up.

Do you ever get craft guilt about cutting stuff up? Tell me everything. Perhaps we could set up some kind of support group.

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  1. I hear ya on the craft-guilt. I get it all. the. time...hence the excessive stash that mocks me from its disorganised shelves and un-earth-mama-ish plastic-bins-on- wheels.
    So yes...count me in for the support group. Is there wine, and/or chocolate involved?


  2. Guilty. Especially if the fabric is something I mulled over for several days. When I finally muster up the courage to buy it, I then have to muster up the courage to cut it.

  3. Yes, guilty at times and liberated at other times. I just cut up my old velvet coat to make Glen's "rainbow robot bad guy" and it was liberating because I was, you know, letting go of that annoying 19 year old self who wore that coat. HOWEVER, I once cut up something to make something else and I still feel guilty about it. An old fuzzy blanket that I felt a little tender towards. Guilty because the project never worked out and now the pieces are sadly sitting in the basement without much hope. They might turn into stuffing for Rainbow RBG.

  4. Yesterday I packed away all my summer stuff and bought out all my winter gear. There was so much of it, I thought, I have to sew fewer things, but better quality. All this stuff. And I keep making more.

    Guilty, yes, if I think my things cannot be recycled, will not be sold at charity, will go to landfill, I feel very very guilty indeed.

    And let's not start on the scraps. I think when my current projects are finished I am going to start on them in earnest.

  5. Yes indeed I do suffer from craft guilt.
    Usually when I am cutting up and old hand embroidered or appliqued table cloth, or something vintage that-is-very-cool-but-i-will-never-wear-it-or-use-it, but I do find myself hesitating and almost kidding myself into believing that I will.
    But the enjoyment that I get from making something new, from something old is worth it.
    And I love the thought of keeping those old fabrics alive and giving them a new life.
    Hmm, and thats all I have to say about that :0)