Thursday, March 12, 2009

The devil's photo tag

Recently, Iris tagged me for this photo tag. You go to your 6th folder, post the 6th photo on your blog, and then tag 6 other people to do the same. Mary Anna has already wittily pointed out that the 666 reference must surely make this the Devil's photo tag game. But mine is more like the 66-infinity tag game because I get totally seized up when it comes to tagging 6 others, so I will just put it out there that if you wanna play, jump in!

Back to the photo. This was Harry and Me at our neighbour's house on his first birthday. one sense it wasn't so long ago. In another sense, it seems like a different lifetime where we had only one child.

Hey! I've got an idea. I can complete the last 6 in the devil's photo tag by telling you 6 random things about myself.

1. When I was 25, my friend who is an Entomologist named a beetle after me. It is a central Otago chafer beetle, and it's latin name is Prodontria jenniferii.
2. I have a little tattoo. It is of Piglet, from Winne the Pooh.
3. When we were driving to Dunedin a couple of weeks ago, we laughed out loud when drove past Washdyke and Clandyboye. Those truly are great place names.
4. I eat almost anything, but I do not like celery. No, not one little bit.
5. I have a degree in botany and so does my husband. Lots of our friends do, too. Fun people study botany, and that is a fact.
6. My favourite music changes all the time. Right now, my top three are Samuel Flynn Scott, The Handsome Family, and Jim White.

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  1. Look at his saucer round eyes! This post has made me very happy today. I am so glad to know these fun and quirky things about you. ATT turned me onto The Handsome Family. Nothing like them, huh?!? Nothing like you either, you're unique and your own self, a wonderful way to be.

  2. I am just beside myself right now. Oh, goodness! I'll come back later after my thoughts become less rapid random fire.

    Oh, my goodness!

  3. Love it! Washdyke and Clandyboye. World famous in Noo Zilland ;-)


  4. Doesn't Harry look adorable? See, it seems we both can do smug children shots on blogs...

  5. Ha! I grew up in the vicinity of washdyke and clandeboye and have never ever actually thought about those words before. Lol.

  6. Piglet!! He does Very Grand Things and is steadfast. We love Piglet at our house.