Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Things that make me laugh.

Here are some things that have cracked me up recently:

1. The way Americans in particular shorten Valentine's Day to VD. This is funny because to me, VD is venereal disease. So when people write "Happy VD" or "I love VD" it is a very amusing statement indeed.

2. This little picture and poem from a 1934 picture book. You might think "Ha ha it looks like this little scamp is about to shoot that bear!" but actually, that little pyscopath really IS about to blow away the bear, and the poem even says so! ("For bruin bear and tiger, too, my shot is steady, quick, and true.") Blimey. That's just disturbing.

3. My camera is still not fixed. I rang this morning and they told me they haven't fixed it yet. I love how they are so good at giving me fresh and useful information. Yay Dick Smith Electronics! Yay and double yay!

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  1. Dick Smith, huh? Any relation? I guess not or they would have repaired your camera by now...

    Back in high school, my friends and I decided to refer to Valentine's Day as VD because we were tough and cool and couldn't yet face our boyfriendless selves without hatred. So many years later, I enjoy the holiday but the joke sticks even now.

  2. I too LOVE it that Valentine's Day shortens to VD. What's more perfect that giving venereal disease for Valentine's Day? Absolutely nothing.

  3. Blimmin 'eck. I am just outraged on your behalf that there is still no action on the camera front.

    What will it take for them to get their act together?

    Oh right. A miracle.

    Well, good on you for finding new and exciting ways to amuse us with your scanner.

  4. Oh totally! In America we love venereal diseases so much that we have a holiday to celebrate them! Oh, and did you hear how research now shows that VDs are spreading through gross pre-boiled pre-peeled egg bags? (Brings a whole new meaning to huevos, eh?) Be careful with those packaged bananas. No wonder it went to Parliament. (My husband and I laughed so much about the bananas.)

    Tell Dick, as Twisted Sister says, "We are not going to take it anymore."

  5. pa ha ha I saw what you did to my blog title..

    now that really made me smirk.

  6. Things that make me laugh:

    Your posts.

    Your countrymen, the Flight of the Conchords. I have been listening to Too Many Dicks on the Dancefloor on repeat for the last half hour.

    Sending good camera mojo your way...

  7. Hi there,
    As a Brit I couldn't agree more about the whole 'VD' thing. I laughed so much when I came across a blog that said 'Happy VD day' I didn't know whether to let them know that in the UK it mean't you have a STD! Thankfully it's not just me.

    Nina x

  8. The thing that cracked me up most recently was the sight out my office window of groups of dressed-up freshers making fools of themselves as they head down to the Cook in the Dunedin drizzle. My god they look so young!

    oops I bought a camera from dse for my birthday...