Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Q is for quilt

I've seen lots of lovely quilts lately, not least of all in some of the books that we read at bedtime. How cute is this one? I've a good mind to copy it.

And Maisy's quilt is one that I've loved for aaaaages, and what's more I HAVE copied it. You'll have to wait till my camera is fixed to see my one, but in the mean time, here is Maisy just having a wee bedtime story with her lovely quilt on show.

I'm sure there's a robot quilt in me somewhere. Now there's a project worth thinking about.
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  1. Can't wait to see that quilt.. no wait, must wait to see that quilt because the people fixing your camera are the lamest repair people in the world. Officially.

  2. Ugh. The next worst thing is when the batteries are out, and there are no spares.

  3. I love Maisy- can't wait to see the quilt. Also- great linkage, thankyou!

  4. oh, lovely idea!! My wee boy's about to go into a bed, and one of my reasons for my procrastinating about it is that I want to make him a splendid quilt to move into a bed with. Now I'm going to look through his books and see if there's a splendid quilt idea in there.

  5. I think I recognise that page - is it from the Golden ABC book? I picked that up for 20c at an opshop last week. Lots of great illustrations. The Maisy quilt sounds fab!

  6. Please, for the love of all that is good and holy, make a robot quilt. Your robots are getting cold. Model 4U complains about it all the time.