Thursday, February 5, 2009

Craft swap goes international

I've just done the coolest swap with someone a couple of continents away.
There are so many exciting things about doing a swap. First, you get to know someone out there in the blogosphere in a new way. Trading an email or two in getting the swap organized, deciding how you're gonna work it.
Then, a parcel in the mail that's come from somewhere very far away- that's almost the most exciting part. Opening it up is a thrilling adventure to see what's in there - seeing what their handwriting looks like, reading the card that they wrote especially for you, seeing the things that they made. I just love it! It's all the things I love doing, rolled into one.

Recently I was lucky enough to do a delicious international craft swap with Iris, who makes these Artist Trading Cards in all sorts of flavours. Iris is in snowy Maine, and I imagined her sitting inside in the warmth while she made these for me. I love them! Anyone who knows my housekeeping skills will laugh long and loud at the one that says "Marry a tidy man". Iris, how did you know?

And here are my two very favourites- one that has a robot (mmmm, happiness is a warm robot) and the other lovingly hand-stitched.

Thanks Iris! I will have so much fun having a go at these myself!
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  1. I love doing swaps too! It does get a bit expensive postage wise for the international ones though...

  2. wow - lucky Miss Smith and way to go Iris! that looks fascinating .. have to have a close look next time I'm down ( I gather you scanned that in, Miss Smith)

    It must be so exciting to get something like that in the mail.

  3. Mary Nanna, You could be next! I am always ready to send art in the mail. Want to swap?

  4. Oh lucky you !! They look fabulous. I love swaps too