Friday, February 13, 2009

B is for Broken

B is for broken. Yes, my camera is still broken. Yes it has been a long time gone hasn't it! A month and no less! I rang the shop to ask about it the other day and they told me that they haven't even looked at it yet. Isn't that GREAT? I was delighted about that and we laughed and laughed, me and the salesperson. Oh yeah we're the best of friends now!

B is also for busy, because I've freed up some time during the week this term, what with one thing and another, and it's just so nice not being too busy. Now that I'm "not busy" I'm getting around to doing lots of fun things with Sylvie, like swimming and planting flowers in the garden and doing puzzles and stuff. Nothing earth-shattering, just fun bits and bobs. Please remind me now nice it is to be not busy before I volunteer for any more boards or voluntary positions.

Anyway I can't stop here chatting all day, I'm don't want to get too busy! Have a nice weekend!
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  1. S is for slack. That's just dreadful. There's Nelson time and then there's "get your act together" time. Are they running a business or a resort?

    I am totally outraged on your behalf.

    However, I do congratulate you for your resourcefulness in keeping your blog going.

  2. "B" of good cheer about that camera...I hope for a really really swift recovery, because it's been so long so it MUST be getting better soon!
    You are resourceful, as Mary Anna says, and you are amazing and creative and patient, gosh darn it! (Although I could use Mary Anna's Word Art in this instance also.)
    Happy Valentine's Day to you and enjoy your fun and relaxing moments with your girl.

  3. And my word verification: ingneepi!

  4. B is also for bugger. (can I say that on your blog?)
    Yes, I agree you are verrrry patient, but what can you do, you have to wait until they fix it.
    take care

  5. B is for Bummer, which is what we say in the USA when our cameras break, or something similar. I miss your magazine quality craft photographs!