Thursday, January 8, 2009

Things we made

Hello and thanks for all the birthday wishes! So far, 36 is a laugh a minute. Would you like to see some of the cool stuff my crafty friends made me for my birthday? Okay, here goes!

First, the orange kiwiana pillow, here modelled with Les reclining against it. Vicky made that from two placemats. Les is a sweet robot, but oh so lazy! Next to that, some delicious blackberry Jam made by Kay. The owl fridge magnet was made by Katie, and the purse in beautiful Japanesey fabric was made by Linda. The chopping board underneath was made by Phoebe's Dad, and it's beautiful aged rimu timber. It's going to be kept for Show and Tell because its Too Good To Use! Didn't I tell you I got some lovely stuff?! Hmmm? Didn't I?

And here's what we've been doing this afternoon. Even though it's about a billion degrees celsius outside we've had the oven fired up baking crackers. These are the Olive Oil Crackers from 101 cookbooks, made as directed but with 1/2 c sesame seeds. They're virry nice.
We are off on holiday for a few days tomorrow, off to a sunny beachside spot a little further south in North Canterbury. I'm packing my christmas books, a little craft, a nice bottle of wine, one husband, and two children. That's about it. See y'all soon!

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  1. Very nice looking set of presents and nice photography too Miss Smith. That's a very attractive montage.

    Have a lovely holiday and see you Monday with you presents for your "birthweek"

  2. hope you have a great holiday. Your birthday sounds like it was great fun!!

  3. homemade jam - how nice. My dearest and I were lamenting today that it's just not worth making to give away sometimes because the recipients can just go out an buy some. I'm pleased to see you appreciated it, wherever it came from. Maybe I will get eh jampan out this year.