Sunday, January 4, 2009

"Spo-Ran" a.k.a. "Les"

And in 2009 a new age of robots dawned. It was the age of the machine-constructed robot, larger than before, wonkier eyes, and goofier fabric. And he was named "Spo-Ran" (which is a tribute to my sister's post all about bilious tartan fabric and sporran construction).

That's my story about my newest robot, but when Simon looked at him he pointed out that the fabric is houndstooth, not tartan, and therefore not befitting the scottish handbag name, even in its sci-fi'ed form.
In fact, he thought that the tones of beige, the mother-of-pearl button eyes, and the woollen houndstooth had connotations of a more civil-servant-type robot. He named him "Les".

By the way, I can't tell you how much it cracks me up when I find out that word I've taken for granted all my life is a nz/aus peculiarity. So, for all my american readers, a "slice" is kind of like a "cookie" in that you could say "chocolate cookies are my favourite, sorry, favorite type of cookie". All our cookbooks have sections labelled "biscuits and slices" or even "cakes, biscuits, and slices". I think we've all learned something very important today.

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  1. Well, I love Les. Maybe he needs a hyphenated last name? Les Spo-Ran? Gee. That sounds very southern.

    We have recipes for sweets that are more gooey than cookies, they're usually called "bars" As in, Gooey bars. So who knows?


  2. Possibly my very emotional reaction to this post is linked to something else (but being in touch with one's emotions is beneath me so I can't be bothered to find out), but I am feeling VERY upset that there is a whole world of sweets out there and for whatever reason we Americans have been robbed of them. I literally could get going crying about this. I have the lump in my throat and the watery burning eyes and everything. Wow. Who knew I was so attached to my sweets? Oh yeah, the straining seams of my pants. Hrm. I'd like to hear more about slice. Lots more. Here, Slice is a sweetened carbonated soda beverage. Do you have Slice as a soda there?

  3. Miss Smith! Ok, first of all Les is unbearably wonderful. And also, um, houndstooth? Wow, what is houndstooth? Well, I take it that's the fabric there, but, wow, you and Mary Nanna with the nz quirky vocab lately! It's way too exciting. Well, I'm off to eat a slice, not drink a Slice, mind you.

  4. I Love Les! Very Happy Birthday Jenny!! Luv p

  5. Aw he's fabulous! And you're right, he is very civil servanty.

  6. Ha ha ha. I thought that was wierd too when I discovered americans don't know what slices are. I was in the USA for 2007 and I should have made a slice for them but never got around to it. Though slices are a bit different to cookies...they're better.