Sunday, January 18, 2009

Robot roundup camera is broken so I have been trawling through all my old photos remembering the good times. Remember all these robotty friends? I was surprised to see how many I'd made actually, I even had to edit quite a lot of photos out because the mosaic became too itty bitty small to see anything.

Right now I'm working on one more christmassy robot for a swap, but I'm also sewing an item of clothing for myself. It's been aaaaaaaaaaaaages since I sewed anything from a pattern. It's actually quite fun. And, since The Fabric Barn in Nelson has all fabrics at half price until the 31st of January (Nelson readers, that's for you), I also stocked up on a whole lot of fabric for several other projects, including a patchwork quilt! Gasp! That gasp of dread/anticipation/nervousness is because the last patchwork quilt I made was hideous. I'm shuddering even thinking of it.

On that cheery note, have a lovely Sunday!
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  1. Those robots are looking super dooper en masse.. are you sewing your retro dress? I can't wait to see how it turns out. I haven't been able to look at the machine for days.. no love left over after the the left over love cushons

  2. Your robots are gonna form a robot-army of happiness and fun and take over the world!!!!!
    I MUST see a picture of your WICKER BUNNY. WICKED wicker bunny! I'm scared already!!!

  3. Oh seeing those robots in their round-up! Gorgeous! Technology seems to be plaguing us all lately, sorry to hear about your camera.
    I'm nearly ready to send along the swap from my end (but no pressure on you!), and am finishing up one last thing. So fun.
    I hope robot will come with a name, so I know what to call him/her.