Friday, January 30, 2009

New craft distractions

Last day of the summer holidays today, so we are sitting around together, learning french and doing counting games while we talk about how much we love eachother.
Lies, of course. In fact the kids and I have just been to the video shop because I am in desperate need of some quiet time to myself. They are now parked in front of the telly and I am on the computer and then after this I'm going to do some sewing while they watch all their new DVDs. Ha!

This marks the frazzledness of someone at the end of the summer holidays. Not that they haven't been great, but, know.

Anyway, wasn't I going to talk about craft? Oh yes. We went to the library yesterday and I got this great book out all about free-form embroidery. It was so inspiring, because apart from the rudimentary embroidery I've done on robots or whatever, I've always thought it didn't really suit my temperament because it looked so precise and you had to count and follow plans and stuff. But this book is all about winging it and that is just my cup of tea. See these sweet little brooches?

And this little dog...

These are the work of Sue Dove, whose gallery pieces can be seen here. Her book, Painting with Stitches, is very motivating, as the methods and techniques section starts like this "I am not obsessive about either techniques or materials..."
Now that's the beginning of instructions that I can really identify with.
Hey, and another exciting thing happened! Elle nominated me for a very lovely award over on Wardrobe Revival. Thanks Elle, that made my day. I am so happy that my silly robots entertain people other than myself. Technically I am now supposed to pass the award to seven other bloggers. But that's where it gets really tricky, you know, cos I read heaps of blogs. Not just the ones on my sidebar but the ones on their sidebars and the ones on their sidebars. And I couldn't really narrow down seven favourites because I just have too many. So instead, Elle, I hope you don't mind if I do a blanket "Thanks for being so clever and for sharing it around" to all the bloggers.

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  1. Wait, were you talking about how much you love each other en Francais? :)

    Also, love that dog and I love the lack of obsessing the artist advocates.

    Good luck with getting back on the kids-in-school rhythm! Sounds like a great time to start some new things, embroidery free-form style perhaps?


  2. Hey I like the new look header .. and the wing-it embroidery sounds perfect.

    Is your camera fixed or did you scan those pictures?

  3. Hi Jen, back from holiday, I have emptied and cleaned the car and made up our bed, my gesture towards unpacking; too late for the great calendar giveaway I suppose? Not that I need one of any sort. The year is already going very fast and once school starts I'll have to know what the date is every day. Does the broken camera confirm my meanie rule that the little boys aren't allowed to use my camera in case they break it or did it self-destruct?

  4. Oooo! I could get into that kind of embroidery. Very pretty.

  5. When I was in art school, they learned I could embroider and we tried some things very much like this. I had forgotten about it. I'm quite good at it but I'm never satisfied doing things I already know how to do. I'd rather make a fine mess of my new knitting endeavors!