Monday, January 19, 2009

Insanity sets in at my house

Okay, so the holidays are great, blah blah blah. But honestly, some moments I find myself going just a little bit insane. Last Friday, for instance, when my children ganged up on me for telling Harry off (for whining, which drives me totally nuts) and threatened to send me to time out, I took them up on their offer.
"Fine" I said "I'm gonna make a cup of coffee and go straight to time out!". And I did, too. I figured one minute for every year of age gave me free license to spend 36 minutes in time out so I took a magazine in with me and settled in to read it. Every few minutes the kids poked their heads in the door and said things like "Now, what shouldn't you have done?" and I said "I'm still in time out!" and kept on reading. After 15 minutes they'd found other things to do, and they'd stopped whining. Is that a success? I really don't know.
We have two weeks left of holidays. My sanity may or may not remain intact.

Disclaimer: I really do love my children. I really do.

PS. Because this is primarily a craft blog, you may like to know I cut out a new robot today. His name might be Nigel.


  1. Hey I do hope you do make it up to Auckland some time soon .. I believe you might be owed a little child free time .. looking forward to meeting "Nigel" when your camera finally gets fixed.

  2. Now who would have thought that the idea of time out cpuld be applied in so many ways. Very ingenious indeed. You may like to know that Ros is also finding the last 2 weeks of the holidays very trying. She is most sympathetic.

  3. You are brilliant! I hope you find yourself in time out again soon.

  4. Laughing outload and will have to try it myself. Looking forward to seeing Nigel.

  5. I just wrote out "load" instead of out "loud."

  6. Love it! You will have to be bad more often!

  7. Hi Jen I was so pleased to read this .I am sending myself to time out this week for 30 mins each day at muffin break as I feel I perhaps overstepped the mark last week while in wk 4 of school holidays in Inver with 7.5 year old and husband (both whining!) while out on a bike ride on gloruious day. I snapped and suggested we might just sell the bikes when we got home --- not nice on reflection. 7.5 year old quite concerned I would follow through . Woops . So will sit in meredian , coffee in hand and relect... well or gaze at fashion in shop displays! ros

  8. Hi Miss Smith

    I love it. Every mum should be bad once a day! You deserve a coffee break.

    Patchwork quilts - I feel like I've dobbed you in on the purple patches thing, so I have a fun offer for you. Please would you let me make it for you? I have a long running guilty spot when it comes to you and quilts, or more specifically your children. Harry's cot quilt progressed well until the quilting stage when I discovered that the fabric was a %$#^** to push a needle through - hence is is now buried in the 'too hard' basket, and Harry got a book instead. Sylvie's quilt didn't even get that far (I think I purchased the fabric - maybe).

    So, when your purple patches arrive send them to me and I'll send you back a surprise (eventually....)

    Happy holidays

  9. It is the same in my house! My husband and I love sending ourselves in timeout . . . I go more often. My mouth, am afraid, rips like a feather pillow.

  10. Funnily enough, another blogging coincidence. In my post of tonight, I addressed the dark side of parenting and how it plays out around here sometimes. Sounds like you did the absolute right thing. Perhaps I will try a Time Out for myself next time!
    And I love that your new robot might be called Nigel.