Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Good morning everyone, thank you for attending the first meeting of the Gore Bay Crib Appreciation Society.

A question down the front there? Yes? A crib? A crib is a holiday house. People from the lower South Island of New Zealand call them cribs, while in the rest of New Zealand people call them baches. I am from the lower South so I eat my Boston Buns and Belgium in a Crib, thank you very much.
A really cribby crib is knocked together out of whatever you can find and is angled solely to appreciate the view, not the road, not the neighbours, and when you get a group of cribs together it's a higgledly piggledy jumble of funny old houses that people hang out in on holiday, eating tomato soup out of a tin and making mussel fritters for dinner from what they've found on the beach that day.

Ahhh...sigh...I love cribs. Here are some of my favourite funny old cribs from our most recent holiday destination, Gore Bay, near Cheviot, North Canterbury.

We stayed in a suped up crib with all the extras, and it was fab. Check out the best-placed bath in the bay!

And now I'm back home I'm still feeling holidayish because Mary Anna is here and is going to help me adjust my shirtdress pattern today! Yippee! Hope you're having a lovely week!

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  1. Well, that's wonderful. We're boring. We have beach houses and creek houses.

    That is a fabulous bath! At least one or some or all of these are your children?

  2. LOVE THAT BATH, and the adorable persons inside! Perfect photo, Miss Smith! Enjoy the sunny warmth of holiday houses. It's single digits up here tonight and I have my woodstove cranked up!

  3. Cool crib. I'm a bach girl myself. Do you buy berries in a chip or punnet? Do you order 1 scoop of chips or $2 chips? I'm sure my husband uses chips of berries and $2 chips to remind me he's from Auckland.

  4. You are simply delightful...Cribs and higgory diggory or whatever you said. I love imagining you and Mary Anna together today. And the bathtub photo is fantastic.

  5. I LOVE YOUR CRIB PHOTOS jEN. On Saturday night Rosie and I are going to spend the night at a crib in Owaka then on Sunday drive to invercargill by the coastal road and go to Ken and mary's for lunch. THen home agian fro work on MOnday. I am really looking forward to it. Hows the shirtdress pattern shaping up. Say HI to maryanna from me

  6. Ooh, ooh! Different definitions! Thanks!