Thursday, January 15, 2009

Flowers for You

Ah, hello! There you are. Here are some flowers for you. These are for you, Candleatbothends, cos you've been having a bad time with your roof and your minivan and various children's illnesses, but you still manage to write a hilarious blogpost each day, PaulNewmanShirtDays, because you have to travel the country just to pick up a metaphorical mouldy casserole, but you still throw a great blogparty, and AllThisTrouble, because I love that your children play in puddles.

These are Hebe flowers of some sort, one of my favourite native genuses.

Hydrangeas, because I like them too. And these flowers are for you, too, to say thanks for stopping by!
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  1. Miss Smith, I just jumped over to check blogland real quick-like and look what I found! Now, you see people, you see another reason why I am addicted to this blog called "Miss Smith at Home." That was really really sweet. Really. Sweet. Really, really, really. And those flowers were just what I needed during this wintery season. Very beautiful. I bet you would have brought them to my shirred dress party.

    word verification is: rokstr = Rockstar!

  2. I love flowers. Picking flowers, getting flowers, giving flowers, smelling flowers...

    The power of the flower is great. You're a thoughtful one.

    WV: kindcest- when one is actually kind to their family.

  3. that's a very beautiful hydrangea shot Miss Smith

  4. thanks for the flowers Miss Smith. Really lovely

  5. I LOVE hydrangeas too! They were my wedding flowers. Great post.

  6. Thank you!!! They are so pretty.

  7. Thanks for showing me not to overlook the good ole natives in the garden. They look beautiful and I have completely copied you and our lounge is now very pretty. Great blog.