Saturday, January 3, 2009

Favourite things Saturday

This is my new favourite cookbook.
I love the embroidered table cloth.
I love the doily.
I love the title.
I love the photos.
I love the recipes.

This is the one I love the best. Caramel slice is my very favourite slice. It's how I judge a town, the quality of the caramel slice in the cafe. So far I've had the best caramel slice in Fox Glacier and in Dunedin, although I also had a surpisingly good one quite recently at Auckland Airport.

I hope I'm not ripping off the copyright showing you these beautiful pages. If I am I guess this post will mysteriously disappear, leaving a strangely delicious taste of caramel and chocolate behind it.

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  1. funny you should mention breach of copyright miss smith - i was thinking of the very same issue today.. I saw a pattern for an apron that had a corner folded down to form the neck facing, which was secured with a button - then there were straps on opposite corners to tie around the back and on the sides of the facing to put over your neck... very cute idea, but it was $30 for the pattern. No need for the pattern, piss easy to copy, but then I ask myself, isn't that a breach of intellectual property?

  2. I hope the shock won't hurt you when I tell you that I don't know what slice is. Isn't that awful?? Because it looks delicious. Is it hard to make? This is really something almost every cafe offers there? What is WRONG with the U.S.? Don't answer that. But really!

  3. I don't know what slice is either!!! Oh, the shame. And Oooooooo, I love the cover of that book! I want to pretend your house looks like that. Don't tell me that it doesn't, it'll ruin my fantasy.

  4. From your sentence, I understood slice to mean just a small portion. Would it be wrong to say, "Tiramisu slice is my favorite slice"?

  5. I've been coveting that book. I'm pleased to hear it tastes as good as it looks. Will have to wait for my library to get it in and then follow the trails of batter to see what recipes everyone else is using.

  6. I've been following that book too and have made Shackleton's square which is terrific and been given a batch of the health biscuits which are also delicious, in a healthy way. Les is very smart, I can almost see him with a briefcase and bowler hat. Have a great day Monday.