Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A haiku.

This is a haiku about the awful muffins I made this morning.

Burned below, beige tops
Heavy, dull, missing two things
Care and butter.

Actually, forgetting to put the butter in was just one of a number of things that went wrong with these bad boys. I halved the sugar and put in banana instead, and put in some cocoa even though the recipe didn't say to, just to try and convince my children they were "yummy chocolate".

They were so, so, horrible. So horrible they moved me to write poetry.

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  1. miss smith! I didn't know you wrote haiku! I love your haiku. Some poetry only comes from the depths, like the deep agony of baking disappointments. Maybe one day we'll understand why these horrible things happen.

  2. Pa ha ha.. I laughed out loud at this one (not in a mean way you understand, in a loving, conspiritorial kind of way)

  3. You know my chickens would love them!! Just think of all that eggnog you'll be enjoying this xmas! P

  4. Pa ha ha that's the second time I've laughed at something you've said today Miss Smith. Thank you for your comment on my blog.. why I laughed is coz I thought, "hey! she's right! I don't like leggings either."

  5. You know, Miss Smith, my dad once made a pavlova so disastrous that even birds wouldn't eat it. Some did try, but their beaks stuck to it, and we had to rescue them. He hasn't tried again as far as I know.

  6. I'm pleased I'm not the only one. For a while there I kept finding bowls of melted butter, forgotten,in the microwave after taking the muffins out of the big oven.