Sunday, December 21, 2008

Easy projects and tricky projects

I have two types of projects; easy and tricky. The easy ones, like these pillowcases, are so straight-forward. I pick out fabrics I like from my stash, sew some straight lines, and hey presto! There it is, all done.

I have other projects that are more tricky. They are usually clothing, and are sparked off by something I've seen, in this case, the great shirt dress that my sister made. I thought to myself, "Hey, what a great idea" and then I set out to make one too. I bought the fabric and set about looking for a perfect shirt-dress pattern; something without too many buttonholes because I hate doing those, and something with a certain retro charm. I didn't find one, and the project was shelved back in the darkest depths of my imagination. Like so many other projects...sigh.

But fate has had different plans for me and my shirt dress. Yesterday I was looking through my pile of patterns, and look what I found squirreled away in there! A shirt dress, from 1971, with retro charm aplenty, no button holes, and in my size. I must have put it there aaaaaaages ago because it's one I don't even remember buying it.

Stay tuned. Two more miracles are required for this project to be complete; I have to finish it, and it has to look cool.

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  1. Cool pattern - can't wait to see the finished product - just the thing to wear to a swinging potluck dinner don't ya think?

  2. Great pattern.. look forward to seeing how it works out. When I'm down in Jan I can help with alterations if you can wait till then, othewise I'm sure you'll find a way to make it work!

  3. I like the way it says "Jiffy" on the pattern. My side of the family never really appreciated my home-sewn gifts. But last year, my daughter sewed everyone pillowcases. I helped, of course. I can't believe that those pillowcases are still being used! Yeay!