Monday, December 8, 2008

Conversations with two robots

In the weekend I made this little robot called Orla.
As soon as she was made, she said "Hi Jenny" (because we are on a first names basis) and then "I look a lot like all the other robots you've made".
"Well, there's no arguing with that" I said. "But you are still very unique because I've only ever made one other robot with a little beating heart in a tank, and that was a long time ago".
"Yes" she said, "I wasn't complaining, I was just saying"

And then I made this little robot. She is called "Shell" which is short for something but she won't tell me what. And when I got the camera out she said "Get lost, I don't like having my photo taken" and then she went off to sulk somewhere. I love making robots with 'tude, but they can be difficult to deal with on a personal level.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Ha! How sweet, but very trying. Just like teenagers who won't clean their rooms!

  2. My weekend just got better because I love pretending things like quirky miss smith robots are real, because part of me never grew up and still wants to play make believe. This post was very very very very fun for me to read. I'm quite smitten with Shell.

  3. Very cute, Miss Smith, love the denim. Making good use of your stash, I see.

  4. Shell is so lovely. I think its the mismatched eyes, the pipecleaner arms and legs and those wee boots that look like they have steel toecaps. She's like the little toy soldier with one leg who is excluded from the toy army but of course he is the one who has all the adventures (and gets eaten by a fish). Don't you just want to try and trick her into a smile. Speaking of smiles, definitely teeth on golly. They make his smile self satisfied and knowing in a secret sort of way.

  5. I. Love. Your. Robots. Our robots here are made of Legos. And thanks for making me laugh!