Friday, December 19, 2008

An apple for the teacher

I made this pencil case for Harry's teacher, Sally, for an end-of-year present. She's been such a lovely teacher and a great introduction to school life. The end of year present for the teacher thing is pretty cool hey? I don't remember doing it when I was little.

And now for a random piece of information. I am right-handed, but I've always cut with scissors with my left hand. Weird eh? What's that all about?
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  1. That is a gorgeous pencil case Miss Smith. I love the fabric and I'm sure she'll enjoy the humour. Lucky teacher!

  2. Love the case!

    Could it be that you learned to cut with lefthanded scissors in school?

    WV: whincer- substitute reindeer

  3. ha! I also bought this "fabric" thinking to repurpose it : )
    nice case!

  4. :) I bought a circular tablecloth from spotlight in that fabric and repurposed it for a skirt! :) Love it!