Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tormenting the children

I've just been tormenting my children with healthy food. I just made these muesli bars using the sugar-free recipe from Nicola Galloway, who I saw speaking last night. Now I love cake and sweet things as much as the next person (as much as my children, actually, which is a lot), but I have to say that these muesli bars are true sweety oaty chocolate chippy goodness with love in every bite. Unlike my last creative effort (ahem) they can be enjoyed by right- and left-handers alike. Thank goodness for cooking. It's so satisfying.
Bon appetit tout le monde. Lots of oaty apricotty sultanary love from Miss Smith.
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  1. These sort of look like my salmon cakes disater recently, which turned out like scrambled eggs with salmon bits and chunks of flour. However, what you made actally is supposed to look like that and looks like somthing I would love. I used to make homemade granola. Maybe I will today!

  2. Oh miss are too much

  3. They look great and I've just printed off the recipe for shared lunch tommorrow. Pomblechop loved his present incidentally. First thing was unwrapping it. 'Its a pass the parcel' he cried when he got to the newspaper layer. Next thing, "I love the wrapping. I'm going to keep it" and someone was despatched to get a knife so he could carefully cut the sellotape. (I had wrapped his presents in Christmas paper because it was what I had, 'He won't notice' I said!)The pinata was also a huge success, thanks for that tip. .

  4. Having trouble getting my name on, try again, it's Miri here

  5. Those look amazing! Super YUMMO. I will have to be a smart American and translate the grams to something like cups, because those look like just the thing to have with tea in the afternoon.

    And thanks for your comment. I am loving your blog...I am going to add it to my favorites after some fun browsing this morning!