Friday, November 14, 2008

A second delicious craft swap

Yesterday I met up with the sweet and talented Mariana for my second-ever craft swap. I gave her a robot, and she gave me these sweet little shorts for Sylvie. I felt incredibly spoiled, because she had brought several pairs for us to choose from. It was like being in a shop full of beautiful things with a gift voucher! This craft-swapping is great! It's so exciting getting something that someone else has made. Sylvie immediately wanted to wear her new shorts and took off her trousers, right there in the cafe, so she could put her new threads on straight away. Now how's that for an enthusiastic response!

Thanks Mariana, I loved craft-swapping with you!
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  1. Now, miss smith, don't go tempting me to have another baby with that juicy cuteness of a child! Oh my goodness.

  2. Oh I feel so flattered! It was a great swap and so nice to meet you again : ), green robot has settled in nicely and constantly surprises me in a different corner of the house and car... he has some sneaky ways!
    Thanks very much and will be happy to swap again : )