Tuesday, November 18, 2008


My friends Siobhan and Nathan just had a lovely wee baby, who is called Rose. We went to see them on Sunday, and Siobhan gave me these beautiful roses and a card! Hey, hey what the-? Aren't we supposed to give her the presents? That's how sweet she is, she's thinking of nice things to do for her friends when she's just had a baby not even a week ago. I think new babies are just SO beautiful, all tiny and snuffly.

There's another Rose who is among my very favourite people, and that's my niece Annarose. We've always called her Rosie. She turned 20 last Saturday. How on earth did it happen that I have a grown-up niece already? Where did that 20 years go? I subjected her to a piece of craft for her birthday. I made this Lotta Jansdotter bag, made just a tad deeper than in the pattern, with denim and red topstitching on the outside, Our Lady of Guadalupe cotton on the inside, a red woollen pocket, and green woollen tartan handles. I was rather pleased with how it turned out, even if I do say so myself.

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  1. Lovely flowers!
    I've tagged you on my blog if you want to play along, hope that's ok!

  2. Lucky Rosie.. she's going to have a choice of denim to take out and about! Nice bag and nice shot of the roses.

  3. Those flowers are so pretty, and I love the bag. I hope I get the Lotte book for Christmas.