Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ready to go!

Here they are, my sneaky secret christmas decorations all ready to be posted. They are being guarded by piglet, who Simon found amongst his box of letters and keepsakes the other day. I must have made him about 12 years ago I think. I am rather flattered that Simon kept him all this time.

I made the envelopes for my highly classified decorations from this 1965 puzzle book...

The pictures and puzzles have a rather surreal quality to them, don't you think?

Since this was printed in the 60s, I am secretly suspicious that the artists had been toying with mind-altering substances.
Lucky bastards.
Hey, and thanks for all your weekend synopses, I really liked learning about what you'd all been up to. On Friday I'll do a lucky-dip for the winner of the mystery christmas deco. Stay tuned! Same robot time, same robot channel.

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  1. I must say your photography is getting lovelier and lovelier.. very nicely set up shot. Nice props too.

  2. I really like those pictures, and I agree, some mind altering substanes to help the artist, for inspirational purposes only!

  3. Mmmmmm...Holiday decor and hallucinogens! Christmas IS coming!

  4. I LOVE your little piglet! So creative! Maybe I can use it for inspiration for my mom's holiday stocking? She loves piglet.

    Beautiful work, beautiful blog! Hannah