Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pride before a fall

I always laugh to myself when I'm making a pattern out of the Lotta Jansdottir book. It's just that the directions are, well, so very detailed. E.g. "Using your scissors, cut carefully around the pattern pieces" (Oh good, I won't bother using my can opener then Lotta...)
Anyway, as I sewed these kitchen accessories I chuckled haughtily, congratulating myself on what a clever sewer I was. I cut out the oven glove from a great piece of retro cotton, made a matching oven cloth, lined the oven glove with a nice contrasting fabric, made the bias tape, and finished it off with tidy hand stitching.
And then I realised I had made it left-handed.

Lotta, in your next book, please give more detailed directions. E.g. "check that you are cutting out your oven glove to be right handed, if you are right handed."

Thank you.
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  1. It is still gorgeous tho' Miss Smith. And there's still plenty to be smug about with your execution of that bias trim. (Not easy, sewing bias evenly because it is SUCH a bitch to cut out)

  2. OH! I'm not supposed to use the can opener when I cut out patterns? Well, no wonder things haven't been turning out.

    It's beautiful and will make a left handed person very happy.

  3. Hey did you know I am left handed Miss Smith???? I am sure there was a cosmic reason for those directions being so vague. Have had a couple of letters from Grandmama looking forward to our visit at chirstmas so now that Annarose is home and more rested and I also we may well still come up. Still in the thinking stages though.

  4. Miss Smith,
    So funny! I was JUST examining the potholder pattern once again in the Lotta book...and ONCE AGAIN concluded it scared me a bit too much, and passed it by!
    Thanks for the tip, I would have fallen into that trap as well.