Sunday, November 16, 2008

Paper dolls

The Sunday Market isn't a place I've blogged about before, but it's one of the best places in all Nelson to find stuff. It's kind of like a big communal garage sale. The reason it hasn't reached my blog is because Sunday morning is traditionally my sleep-in day. I have a free pass to stay in bed till 10 am, and usually I do. Lately though, the lure of the treasures has been too strong and I've forced myself out of bed to go and have a darn good rummage. This morning, with the help of my good friends Katie and Vicky, I got these fab paper dolls. I've always had a soft spot for the royals. I think they're cute.

Shall we dress them up? Okay, let's go! A green dress and a baby for you Di, and Charles, I think you will look very dapper in a suit...

And the children needn't think they're gonna get to play with them because they're mine all mine!
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  1. Oh this was adorable, adorable, adorable, the way we got to see them get all dressed up. I wouldn't share them either.

  2. Yay - I just sent you an email asking if you had played with the paper dolls - and you have! They really are super. Kx

  3. Thank you very much for my birthday bag! It's just such a perfect size, and the fabric is fab.

  4. Who knew Prince Charles could look so dapper and dashing!
    I love their outfits, the idea of dressing Di with Baby accessory. Tee hee.
    Oh, and I meant to specify...I have added you to my blog-reader and to my favorite stops on my own blog! Thanks again for the happy reading!


  5. Oh, they're brilliant! Nice dress, Di...