Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's only politics, Helen

I should have known the election wasn't going to go the way I wanted when I found this little doll, who looks freakily like Helen Clark, waving goodbye to me in the junk shop. She even had her knitted red dress and red undies on, which I'm sure the real Helen Clark would have worn on election night. "Don't worry Helen" I said as I paid my $2, "you can come and live with us and we will still love you". And I meant it too, even though I actually voted Green and not Labour. Personally, even though I liked her and I thought she was a good prime minister I am quite glad that she will have a few years in parliament without the relentless pressure of being the prime minister. You go Helen, have your weekends off and enjoy yourself for once. Why not take up craftin'? I think you'll like it.

There now, you didn't know a craft blog could be so political, now did you?
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  1. I'm so glad Helen has found a loving home.. there can't be a job where more people are less grateful than politics.

    Mind you, it wasn't all sorry losses this election. I believe Winston is looking for a new job. Perhaps he would like to take up a little craftin' too in his new found leisure.