Thursday, November 20, 2008

A happy ending for the 1969 Storyland Annual

Sometimes when I'm junk shopping I come across great old children's books that some naughty little wag has defaced in some way. The 1969 Storyland Annual was one such book, about half the pages had been scribbled on, and some sneaky little person had practised cutting with scissors by going snip-snip-snip along the bottom of each and every page.
Still, being the thrifty type with an appreciation for retro that I am, I couldn't resist the pictures and I bought it anyway. I am now very happy to show you the happy ending for that book.
1. Two cards

2. Some cute pictures that I used with some plain wrapping paper to wrap my sister's birthday present.

3. Two of the cute little carry bags like the ones Twenty Cent Mixture made, using the great tutorial here at Tiny Happy.

And one more happy ending to finish off with...My left-handed sister Margaret is living without an oven cloth or an oven mitt, and sometimes her left-handed baking ends up on the floor because the tea towel she used as an oven cloth was wet or wasn't folded properly or whatever.
So here's my left-handed kitchen set, off to her place to live a happy and fulfilled left-handed life.

Don't you just love happy endings? Sigh...I do. That's why I like junk shopping.

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  1. Wow - they are so gorgeous.. they just look so bootiful .. how very talented you are, Miss Smith

  2. yes what amazing treats lie in store for all your extended family. This lefty just cant wait for that oven mitt!!

  3. ooh- love that wrapping! i am also feeling quite jealous about the royal paper dolls from the sunday market. what a score! ahh... sunday market, how i miss you....

  4. Ooh, lovely! I might have to steal that wrapping paper and matching card idea...

  5. Oh, this blog right cheered me up tonight.