Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Babybot.

I would be failing in my auntly duties if I didn't give my new nephew a robot, so I've been working on this little chap over the last few days. He is high-contrast-black-and-white, since that's what babies apparently like, and he's got some little jinglies inside him that go "rattle rattle rattle" when you shake him. He's got no buttons or other haberdashery, just felt decorations, so he can't hurt a little baby by accident, and he's got a wee loop so that he can dangle from a baby-gym. As you can see, he enjoys lounging around in the sun on a chenille blanket if he gets the chance, although I suspect he might be kept busy with changing nappies and whatnot.
Happy Wednesday to you!
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  1. I'm sure little Louie will love that 'bot as much as Benjy loved his! (and continues to love his, might I addd)

    That's not the candlewick you're thinking of ditching is it? And in such a fetching shade of baby blue!

  2. Oh, wonderfully quirky and extra safe for baby and so "miss smith" all the way around! Louie is a very lovable name as well.

  3. Very cute! Thanks for commenting on my site, I like your blog :)

  4. Oh! He's gorgeous! Well done Miss Smith.

  5. Miss Smith I love love love my badges.. where did you score them?

    Benjy says thanks for my rattle and book. I love shaking the rattle and sucking the end of it.

  6. I love all your robots. I might make one for my little nephew, and pretend it was my idea. He's only one - I'd probably get away with it.