Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Well they won't print themselves!

Shhhh! I'm listening to something! I think I can hear...yes...I can...I can hear the sound of someone slacking around at work. Is it me? I think it might be. Well if YOU are in the mood to waste some work time and monopolise the printer for your own personal needs, may I recommend visiting The Small Object or Design Freebies (especially the "stationery" section) to download some cute free printables for yourself? The small object has these great labels shown above and many other things that are just *too cute*. After all, you can never have too many labels, tags, thumb wrestling belts (?!), now can you?
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  1. OH YOU ARE SO CUTE SHUSHING US LIKE THAT AND (oh, sorry was I yelling too loud?) Anyway, shushing us and cheating during work time. And those little printables ARE too cute, so much that my cute antennea is going haywire.