Friday, October 17, 2008

This dog is smocked

Getta load of this dog, he's completely smocked. I think he is rather hilarious and if I could be bothered, I'd make him, just for a laugh. But I can't be bothered because I have lots of other exciting projects on the go, including my table-linen goes bedroom project, my boring covers for cushions project, and my red robot project (stay tuned).

Today I read the most poetic and sublime description of a junk-shopping experience over on Christy's blog. I feel a little shame-faced as I recall my last junk-shopping experience, which was to walk right past the shop because I saw that the woman I call the "Button Nazi" was on the counter. She always measures the fabric scraps I buy by the metre and then charges me a ridiculously high price for them. Yes I KNOW its for charity, but puh-lease! By the metre for fabric scraps? No, Button Nazi, I will not be ripped off!

Did you know- junk shopping after school holidays is always particularly lucrative, as people have had clean-outs. Top tip.

Have a great weekend everyone!
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  1. Could that be a smocked sausage dog????

    I can see the 'dear Santa" letter now ...

  2. Ha! At first I thought he was made of metal... he is rather... ummmm yeah, smocked is the best description. I don't think you should feel bad about avoiding Button Nazi, I mean measuring fabric scraps at a thrift shop?!?! Come on! I would avoid her too. In fact, I avoid lots of places & people. I am blushing at "prosaic and sublime" & I had to go look up "prosaic." Thank-you Miss Smith. I hope you make Smock Dog.

  3. Oh, and "smocked sausage dog" sounds like an american hot dog recipe.

  4. Woops I mean "poetic and sublime". I looked up "prosaic" and it wasn't what I meant at all!

  5. I liked 'smocked' because it includes 'mocked' which is what that poor sausage dog surely was!