Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Restraint at the recycling centre

Today we are going to touch on something hitherto unmentioned on my blog: Restraint while junk shopping. Yes, I DO sometimes exercise restraint (but don't double-check my story with Simon because he's unlikely to back me up here).

Actually, I have two stories of restraint. First, week-before-last I had a spare hour to kill before picking up Sylvie. As is my usual custom, I dithered between sewing or going junk shopping. But then, out of the blue, it occurred to me that I could sort out some stuff to TAKE to the junk shop, and without further ado I filled 7 supermarket bags full of old clothes and toys. Then I threw several manky sheets in the bin, just for good measure!
My second story of restraint concerns my FAB day on Saturday. I saw lots and lots of great stuff, but this little collection below is just about everything I bought. Some little golden books, a great retro tray, a cookbook, and a red plastic retro lamp. I LOVE this lamp, and I have another one EXACTLY the same at home already, so now we are matchy matchy lovey-dovey good-feng-shui in our bedside lamp status.

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  1. Hey nice score with the tray.. very stylely. If only we had such joy in our local op shops. I have op shop envy.

  2. I've been doing way to much junk shopping lately -- I refer to it as treasure hunting. I've probably spent $50 all week and have new outfits and crafts and Christmas cards and toys and books and winter boots for my baby. I'm unstoppable.

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