Friday, October 31, 2008

Mr Red Robot, and Gary

I bet you thought I'd finally got sick of robots, you did, didn'tcha? Well I haven't, and here are two little new friends to prove it. Mr Red the Robot is off to Wellington to live with Louise, and Gary the Green Robot is another one that I am adding to my etsy shop (when I get around to setting it up). How are you all by the way? I've had a mad mad mad week and I haven't been cruising the blogosphere with the same vigour as I normally do. I hope you are all having a hay-ride of a good time out there.

By the way, wanna join in with some handmade Christmassy fun? Have a look at Ms Mixture's great idea here.
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  1. cool Robots .. and check out the mean looking tiki in the background. Could it be a cyborg tiki?

  2. My Glen saw these on the computer and flipped out with excitement. It was so funny. I'll go click ms. mixture now.