Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mary Anna and Me

Regular readers of my blog will be familiar with MaryNanna, who often leaves comments on my posts. She is my sister and my friend, and also my most long-standing and faithful blog follower, reading my blog everyday since I started it. This morning I was VERY excited to see the kick-off of her very own blog, Mary Nanna Sews. Go on over and have a wee look! I think you'll like it.

(Mary Anna and me, Long Beach, Dunedin, approximately 1980. She's the one in the red jersey and I am the messy-haired trouser-wearing little one in the background)
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  1. Aah Miss Smith - what an honour to have a post like that.. and thank you for the lovely introduction. I am also seriously chuffed to be on your bloglist.. what a THRILL. Writing your own blog brings a whole new dimension to the blogger world. I also see from the photos that Nana chic is not a new style for me...

  2. Dear Misses Smith - lovely to see you both again in that photo. i was out at long beach yesterday on a lovely sunny labour weekend day. One of my favourite places to be although i am always both happy and sad there - At my new work blog looking is verboten so I am catching up on a weeks worth today. So much easier now I have my new computer ( recycled that is) and finally broadband!!!