Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The holiday list of my favourite things

So anyway, Harry, Sylvie and I are holiday this week, in the peaceful, quiet, hardworking Maniototo district. My sister lives on a farm here and it's one of my very favourite places. Inside my head I am humming "My favourite things" from "The Sound of Music", that's how darn wholesome it is.

If I was writing my own lyrics to "My favourite things", it would have to include all the items on this list: mountains with snow on them, looking at the sea, homemade bread, homemade butter (it tastes of udder- at least, I imagine what that farmy type taste is), robots, reading books, sleep-ins, avocados, late nights, things in the post, manchester, haberdashery, stationery, kindness of strangers, parcels, postcards, letters, old-fashioned stamps, china, glass, cutlery, old story books, knitted and crocheted things, home sewing. Oh, and really hilarious pictures in childrens books that look rude, even though they didn't mean to. I have a real cracker to show you when I get back home to my scanner.


  1. The Hills are alive with the sound of robots.......

  2. Oh lovely, and cozy, cozy, cozy, cozy.


    Hey Heather, I think I left my cardigan at your house. Just kidding! But I think it's absolutely adorable when you commenting/craft friends use miss smith's blog to chat with each other. Yes, very cute and charming.