Monday, October 27, 2008

Green with envy

You might be green with envy when you hear about my primo weekend. Saturday morning, barely dressed, the phone rang and it was my good friend Phoebe, with an exciting mission for the day- taking the Morris Minor on a tour of the Moteuka junk shops. Didn't I tell you you'd be green with envy? I bet you are! I love morris minors!

Look at the cute wee speedo.

And the very styley steering wheel...

And we did some great shopping which I will show you later but for now would you like to see another treat of the day? This deeelicious cheesecake that we had at Monterey House, a cafe that truly is in the back and beyond of the middle of nowhere. I recommend it highly.

And that, my blogfriends, was a perfect day. Thanks Phoebe!
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  1. But wey hey..weren't there junk shop finds as well.. can't wait to see your booty

  2. Hi Jen - i have a new email address and have temporarily lost yours but I need the name of the backpackers just up the road from you. It occurs to me I ought to get organised now for christmas.
    my new email is

    How was the steering on that old morris minor by the way?

  3. Hey Miss Smith can you please let Mary Nana Know that on her blog you can only leave google blogger comments and Open Id comments and no more. How does she activate the Name/URL and anonymous comments cos they're the only 2 I know how to work. THe other require online accounts that confuse me. Thanks.

  4. Hi Marg

    Hey I've changed the setting on my blog so you can leave a comment now.