Saturday, October 4, 2008

From one holiday town to another

When you look at Nelson, you wonder why you'd bother going anywhere different for your holidays. Isn't it pretty?

Luckily New Zealand is full of equally beautiful places, so if you live somewhere really beautiful you still have holiday options. Today we are off to the picturesque Maniototo to stay with my sister on the farm for a week. Everyone is very excited.

In fact, it's been a day full of excitement on all fronts. It's Simon's birthday and there was a frenzy of unwrapping presents first thing this morning. Also, Sylvie got to unwrap her last two presents from her birthday. Get a load of the fantastic knitted food!

Sigh...I SO love craft. It makes me laugh.
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  1. Happy birthday Simon! lovely to see you the other night.

    Where did you score those knitted beauties?

    This week at the Sally Army I picked up a little wooden heron. It had "S Brown, R 11" on the bottom. Well S Brown, your parents may have chucked your school woodwork project but we love it.

  2. How about that little knitted sausage roll!?! Love it.

    Have a great holiday, it was FABULOUS to have a face-to-face catch up with you last night Miss Smith!

  3. My favourite is the knitted melting moment. Mary Anna, I'm thinking of knitting an oven cloth for Ken and Mary's new baby. What do you REALLY think?!

  4. Well Miri, I have to say that you did a lovely job of the knitted dish cloth and I in fact use it under my flower arrangements in the hallway to protect the wood.

    It's harder to see how a baby might enjoy a knitted dishcloth. Perhaps it might serve as a kind of sucky licky cuddly?

    Miss Smith - where did those knitted lunch items come from?

  5. The knitted food was from the Salvation Army shop in Oamaru. The woman on the counter said, rather perplexed, "If you don't mind my asking, what on EARTH are you going to do with them?". They were $5 for the whole delicious collection.