Wednesday, October 1, 2008

1st October 2005, it was a happy day.

It's Sylvie's actual birthday today, so this morning there were pikelets for breakfast and two presents to open. First, a green robot, as requested. Second, some delicious wooden fruit with velcro dots and a knife so you can cut them up. Cute! I love wooden food. So good for one's figure.
Little does she know there are other presents waiting in the wings. Simon gets home on tomorrow, so we'll have more birthday treats then and we can all join in. There is a big box of duplo from two of the Aunties, and the other Auntie has sent some knitted food. I can't WAIT to show you all that, once Sylvie as opened it. Grandma is supplying a big box of beautiful new crayons, and there is a cheque from Grandad Bruce. Lucky Sylvie! And lucky us for being her family.
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  1. Happy Birthday Sylvie! What a lovely lot of gifts you got you lucky little girl.

    Marg, got your letter - will post your library book tomorrow. Am also enjoying wearing your scarf which you also left behind. You could say it's a hand-me-up.

  2. Hey, we got that wooden veg. toy for Glen's 3rd b-day too! This is a lovely post and is very loving and happy. And I think Sylvie is very pretty and unique name.