Friday, September 5, 2008

A tractor and some hay

Ah! Hello! (Swooooon...) That woozy swoon just then was my typographical representation of the strangely recreational dizzy moments I've been having over the last 3 days. It's because I have an ear infection and it's made my balance all squiffy. I think it also affected the blog area of my brain because every time I sat down to post I couldn't think of a gosh darn thing to say. And I haven't done any sewing this week so I didn't have a show and tell item to blather on about, either. Anyhoo, I thought I'd leave you all with a picture of this tractor and some hay, because I just flipping love these 5-minute artworks that emerge after Harry has a drawing session.
Have a great weekend!
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  1. Hope you get better soon! My Glen thinks the house is falling when he has an ear infection. He'll try to hold the house up by pressing on a wall while yelling "The house is falling!" It's all very dramatic.

    Great tractor! It's the season for hay rides. Do you all do hay rides there?