Sunday, September 21, 2008

Robots and NZ scenery

Good morning,
Is it just me, or does everyone know lots of people with birthdays at the end of September? To ready myself for the flood of birthdays coming up, I've been making cards with robots on them. (Oddly enough). I've also been looking for a way to use this old calendar full of beautiful NZ scenes, so that was cut up and repurposed as well. I really love making cards. I don't have the most technical execution skills in card making, but it's really fun putting odd things together and cracking myself up. I guess I am pretty easily amused.
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  1. Many many wonderful people have birthdays around this time. That's because lots of people were having their own form of celebration around Christmas/New Year, if you catch my drift. But ewwww, if it's your own parents you're thinking about, it's a bit freaky.

    I'm sure your groovy cards will take your readers' minds off that particular image!

  2. I really love these cards. THey're great. INspires me to make some ( not the same of course) myself.