Saturday, September 27, 2008


Yes, it's a pinata, and I made it myself for my little baby girl whose party should have been today. She's not a baby of course, she's nearly 3. This morning we decided we would have to postpone her party, because there is a rain front moving up the island and it looked like it was gonna be wet, but now it actually looks pretty lovely outside. Sigh...oh well. We will have a great party tomorrow morning instead.

Anyway, getting back to the pinata. It may surprise you to see that I've opted for a robot design. It's a carboard box with one layer of papier mache, and it's stuffed with carrot and celery sticks, and little messages about oral health and smart new toothbrushes.

Ha ha ha! No, I'm joking with you of course, it's full of fun things like cigarettes and alcohol.

Ha ha ha! I'm pulling your leg again. No, it's really full of devilled eggs.

Ha ha ha! Still I jest. No, it's actually full of the normal pinata things like little polystyrene gliders and pinky bars and freddo frogs and stickers and party blowers. Blat blat!

Happy birthday to you little Sylvie girl, we love you lots and lots and lots.
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  1. I almost flipped out over this robot pinata. That is honestly the best pinata I've ever seen. I can't believe you made it! Happy Birthday to your girl. (Sorry you had to postpone the party! Maybe it will be even better tomorrow, somehow.) Oh my goodness, if my Glen say this pinata, he might just do cartwheels for the rest of the day. You cracked me up in this post. I fell for the first lie, the oral health one. Soon my comment will be longer than your post. bye. Oh, pinky bars, freddo frogs, polystyrene gliders? Never heard of them.

  2. hey! I've just noticed your by-line. aaah that's what makes your blog soooo satisfying.

  3. Hey Im reading your blog from Tony and Elinors home computer in Bandar Sera Begawan, boiling hot Brunei. How wierd is that Miss Smith? Hope Sylvie had a great party.

  4. Wow that's so cool Marg, did you have a good flight etc? Hope you are having a great adventure over there!

  5. Happy birthday to sylvie!Lucky for Marg I checked this blog, I still havent got my we-arrived-safely-email and was ready to freak out.Hope the birthday paty went well!