Friday, September 12, 2008

Love and the recycling centre

As you know, the recycling centre and a few other junk shops in Nelson are some of my favourite places. Here's my latest show and tell: First, this cute basket, and the felt inside it. Embryonic robots, of course, or maybe some kind of japanesey craft thing. You can never have too much felt, it's just so darn useful. The fabric underneath is a grrreat retro table cloth, which I thought I might repurpose into a hat.

Next, this pile of letters and numbers that Harry might like to play with. Simon already had a wee play with them the other day and left this message on my computer chair:

You see why we had to get married? We have EXACTLY the same sense of humour.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. hey like that soft focus a la 70's styling on the first photo.. you are getting some really nice shots off that camera ..

  2. No kidding, that photo on top looks professional. It looks like it's from a pretty craft book (like that you would buy at a nice bookstore!) And I like this recycling centre + fate/love ect. series.

    And Ooooo! A potty joke. I love potty jokes because I still haven't grown up yet. hee! farty. ha! snicker.