Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fate and the recycling centre

Hi! So anyway, guess where I went yesterday. The recycling centre, that's where, and not just one but two freaky deaky coincidences happened. First, I had been saying for ages to my friend Helen "don't even show me all the fabric you're throwing out, because I will want some and I already have too much to store neatly". Who should I see in the carpark? Helen, and all her fabric. So I rifled through it and brought home a whole lot of great stuff to not store neatly. Then I bought a few wee things and popped around to my friend Katies house to pick up Harry, who had gone there to play after school. I was going through the list of stuff I bought, and guess what? One of the items was something that she'd thrown out there only 2 days ago! Freaky deaky! I'll show you my new treasures in another post, and leave you in the meantime with this incredibly cute picture of a hippo chatting to a bunny at the "Forest Hotel".

Have a great day!
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  1. I like coincidences. They add to the mystery of daily life.

  2. Well Miss Smith - I envy you your fabric haul. Nice going.

    Have been so humbled in the sewing stakes by Benjy .. how you would have rejoiced at how I put a zipper in the other night.. wonky, non matching thread .. not even pinned into position.

    I believe it may even warrant Miri telling Mum that I should not be allowed to use the sewing machine ...