Tuesday, September 30, 2008


It's school holidays. Harry and Sylvie and I are kicking around home this week, just the three of us, because Simon is up in Auckland. Do you know what? This is my first ever school holidays with Harry and Sylvie, and it's great. I love the leisurely start to the day, no rush to get dressed, make lunches, pack bags. I'm sure two weeks of it will be enough, but for now we're all loving it.

This beeeeautiful collage above is Harry's handiwork. Yesterday he requested three colours of paint and some paper so he could make butterflies. He was then a little frustrated that they were all on different pieces of paper so I suggested we cut them out and make a big picture of them. "That's a good idea" he said "And green is my favourite colour". So this morning we went to spotlight and chose a big sheet of green cardboard.

On the craft front, I went through my fabric stash last night and thought of so many cool projects that I couldn't sleep for thinking about them! Those are brave fighting words aren't they?? Now you'll be waiting for something great to emerge.

Oh yeah, and the party was fannntastic on Sunday. The day was sunny and clear and the children really loved the pinata. It was my first ever pinata but I think I will have one at every party from now on. It's strangely enthralling watching children beating the bejingers out of a big, papier mache toy.

Have a great Tuesday!
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