Monday, September 8, 2008


Look what Christy from PaulNewmanShirtDays gave me! I'm all coy and blushing and whispering "oh it's just a little something I do in my spare time" while I look at my shoes. You should all pop over and have a wee squiz at Christy's blog because it's funny and honest and interesting and makes you think about things you might never have thought about before. So anyway I'm supposed to nominate seven other blogs that I like a whole lot but I just can't choose, and I'm quite shy even in blogworld, so instead I'm gonna say a big warm fluffy thank you to all the clever and interesting people who write blogs for us all to read. It's one of my favourite passtimes.

I'm still blushing and looking at my shoes.

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  1. Well the whole blog world is going to turn down-right pink with all the blushing that's been going around from this here award. I've never had a "fluffy" thank-you before! yay, fluffy! It IS much nicer than just a regular thank-you. Thank-you for the thank-you!