Saturday, August 2, 2008

You can't beat a good tea towel.

Being the young fogey that I am, I am particularly fond of a good tea towel. If I like plain old tea towels, imagine how much I love a handprinted tea towel with height-graded pink flamingos on it! I found just such a tea towel at the Nelson Market this morning (printed by Delume, since you're interested, who also sell at the The Suter). I snapped up four of these babies, because I know several people who would commit terrible crimes to have one of their own. You know who you are!

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  1. I had the the thought of taking all your titles for your posts and working them into conversations between 2 friends in a short story. Strung together they'd be hilarious. Clearly I don't have enough to do on htis day of the ERO visit except think of non work things.