Monday, August 11, 2008

Thinking holiday thoughts

I'm too busy, just too flippin' busy, so I am thinking about a holiday we had earlier this year at Collingwood, one of my favourite places on earth. Ahhhhhhh.......did you hear that sigh? I am feeling calmer already.

It's not that I don't like being busy, I do. I just like being busy with hanging out with the kids, making stuff, seeing friends, cooking, talking to my family, reading blogs. I hate being busy with too many meetings, or too much work, so guess what I just did? I just quit one of the boards I'm on. I challenge you to get rid of something you don't want to do, too! Go on! Tell them Miss Smith told you to!

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  1. So if I quit my job to stay home and do crafty stuff, can I blame you??? ;)

  2. Did you quit the childcare centre one? Im sure you were an assest there but Im proud of you for knowing what you need to do and doing it. ou are an inspiriation MIss Smith