Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sigh...happy shades of candlewick.

Sigh....I so love candlewick bedspreads. I see a candlewick bedspread and immediately I think of seaside cribs with sand inside because you always had sandy bare feet, and eating paua patties for tea and having fried fish for breakfast. And Mum or Dad giving you some holiday spending money so you walk all the way to the shop and buy a can of pasito, and playing around the shipwreck on the beach and climbing inside it and seeing the crabs scuttle about, and sitting for ages on the broken wharf trying to catch fish. Yep, that's a candlewick bedspread memory. My craft question is: Do you think it's sacreligous to cut up a candlewick bedspread and refashion it into a duvet cover, just to drag it into the new millenium?

PS. Don't forget, robot winner is drawn tomorrow! Still time to be in!
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  1. How can craft be sacreligious??!! Go for it! Kx

  2. Well my luv people have made clothes out of candlewick so do want ya want!

  3. Hello Miss Smith- Could I please enter the draw?
    I think that would make an excellent quilt!
    I have a case of craft withdrawal at the moment, so you have inspired me to get one of the unfinished projects out and get on with it.
    Keep on being crafty!
    From Fleur

  4. As a hoarder of candlewick bedspreads I've never got around to using, I say go for it!